The Suitcase Royale Live band set!

The Suitcase Royale are available to perform as the live band and have toured and performed nationally and throughout Europe and the U.K. Shakin hips all over the world! The Suitcase Royale have showcased their energetic live music shows at Arts centres, International Arts Festivals, music festivals, cabaret venues and house parties!

For booking enquiries:

Review from the Perth International Arts Festival


The Suitcase Royale are a rag ‘n bone band of three banging out a collection of bent and broken tunes and dance hall songs straight from the swamps of Australia. Prepare to put your best dancing shoes on as they play tunes hot off their self titled debut album.

It sure to be an explosive, gun-slingin’ night of dancing, drinking, crying and loving. You gonna Sweat!!

The Album!

The Suitcase Royale are a Melbourne based rag ‘n bone band of three core members banging out a collection of bent and broken tunes and dance hall songs straight from the backwaters. The Royale have been touring nationally and internationally for the past 5 years presenting works of theatre and music in festivals throughout America, U.K. and Europe.

Recorded in an abandoned Melbourne warehouse The Suitcase Royale Debut Album contains music from their acclaimed Australian gothic theatre shows as well as some jumpin new songs to bend your ear and wear down your heels!


The Suitcase Royale: The Suitcase Royale

3 thoughts

  1. I think that their music is like none I’ve heard before; humorous, entertaining and all-round awesome, with a very unique style.

  2. Absolutely Brilliant! Used Gamblin’ Man as our first dance recently. Went down a storm. Doctor is another favourite. Can’t say enough good things about these guys. Sadly missed their theatrical exploits at Edinburgh this year but hopefully will see them live again next year. All the best guys.

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